Chartering in BC, Alberta, and the USA


The last thing on your mind should be your safety, but it’s the first thing on ours! Our pilots and aircraft exceed Transport Canada requirements.


We offer a comfortable leather interior to relax in, complete with coffee, drinks and snacks.


For the discretion of our customers, our aircraft are not marked with logos or names. As far as we are concerned, this is your private aircraft.

Advantages Over a Jet

  • 1/2 the price.
  • 1/2 the runway – putting you closer to your destination.
  • 1/2 the speed – for a few minutes more in the air on short trips.

What We Fly

Cessna 421b Golden Eagle
  • Max Range: 845 nm

Minimum Runway: 3000ft

Passengers: 5

Normal Cruise: 200kts

More Details

Our Cessna Golden Eagle 421B offers the following amenities:

  • 5 passenger seating; 4 in club seating, plus one forward facing aft seat.
  • Pressurized, with a service ceiling of 31,000 ft – 10,000 ft cabin to 26,000 ft.
  • Certified for known ice.
  • Flown 2 pilot IFR.
  • Cruising speed of 220 Kts.
  • Range of 875 nm.
  • Geared propellors, giving the 421 the quietest cabin in propellor driven aircraft.
  • We offer: in-flight beverages, coffee, snacks, newspapers, magazines, toilet facilities.

Flying with professionals

Nautilus Air has been in business for over 20 years.

Most of our Captains are ex-airline pilots.

All Captains have decades of experience flying in BC mountains.

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