Why Charter Aircraft?


Chartering your own aircraft has many advantages:


It's About Time:

  • Access to more airports than the airlines.
  • Time savings – avoid check-in, baggage and security delays.
  • You don’t wait for the aircraft, it waits for you.
  • Multiple location meetings in a limited time.
  • Flexible scheduling.

It's About Service:

  • Improve your customer contact and support.
  • Privacy – hold your en-route meetings in private, not in a busy public airport waiting room or crowded flight.
  • Security – not travelling with strangers.

It's About Productivity:

  • Get more done in a work day.
  • Respond effectively to competitive opportunities.
  • Reduce stress on key employees.
  • Hold meetings or work en-route.
  • Save unnecessary overnight expenses

Already have a flight department, or charter jets? Then you appreciate the value of saving upper management’s time. Charter us for middle managers/technical employees and gain the same time efficiency at a lower cost.

Employee Rewards – Do you have an employee/sales person that deserves something extra? How about a golf or winery getaway?

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